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Monster Whitetail to Pursue

Deer hunters stay in a remote base camp that requires an all-terrain vehicle trek through the rugged wilderness to get there. Once there you can expect a cozy outpost camp waiting for you. But DO NOT worry! The camps are fully insulated, including the solid wood floor, and have propane heat, lights, a cook stove for the guides to prepare meals, and a whisper quite inverter generator to charge your devices. They are essentially soft top cabins that are able to fold down for the off season (by law). Our Whitetail camp allows you to enjoy the ruggedness of nature while remaining warm, dry, and comfortable. Travel to and from stands is done by ATV/Argo and typically requires less than 100 yards of walking. 80% of our tree stands are "Man-and-a-Half" or "Double-Man" ladder stands, the remaining 20% are "Single-Man", "Tri-Pod", and "Lock-On" tree stands. Blinds are available upon request. PLEASE NOTE that all dietary and physical limitations need to be discussed with us prior to your arrival to ensure we can accommodate all your needs.

Whitetail Deer in the Whiteshell Provincial Park have unique behavioural patterns that make them both more challenging and more rewarding to hunt than the average deer. South-eastern Manitoba is home to the 2 largest subspecies of Whitetail deer in North America, Odocoileus virginianus borealis and Odocoileus virginianus dacotensis. Our average fully grown doe are around 200 pounds and we have recorded some bucks at our camp weighing close to 400 pounds! Bucks in the Whiteshell live the majority of their lives in densely wooded low lands where they have food, water, shelter, and they can hear any predator coming from a mile away. This not only gives them their signature dark chocolate antlers but it makes them nearly impossible to see when they aren't rutting. During the rut these "Swamp Bucks" as we call them, come out to the higher ridge systems to chase doe. It is in these narrow trails that we strategically place our stands to catch them as they slither in and out of the swamps. Different from most regions, there deer here are most active during the mid-day with little movement in the evening. They don't have any set feeding areas because there is food everywhere, they eat as they travel. Another interesting characteristic of our illusive Whitetail is the way they use the wind to avoid predators. Unlike most deer in North America our deer often walk with the wind behind them! This allows them to see what is in front of them and smell what is coming behind them. An instinct they acquired to survive in our thick forests. Their only predator is the Timber Wolf, which is why we encourage all of our guests to harvest one given the opportunity. 

Whitetail Deer + Timber Wolf Package: 

3 weeks of 2 guests per week in November. Archery, Muzzle Loader, Cross-Bow, or Rifle welcome. Each guest is allowed 1 Buck and 1 Wolf. Hunting is from dark to dark in tree stands or ground blinds.






A Day in The Life:  


Saturday Arrival: If flying, we ask you to arrive a day early to ensure all your luggage makes it with you. 

Sunday: If you flew in on Saturday one of the guides will pick you up from the your hotel in Winnipeg in the morning and drive you to the staging area for camp. If you decide to drive up you meet us right at the staging area. At the staging area everyone loads their gear onto ATVs/Argo and the trek to camp begins. After miles of swampy trails you will reach your home away from home for the week. After everyone is settled in tags are signed, food is devoured, and much needed sleep is had by all.

Monday to Friday: Early morning breakfast gets you ready for your day in the stand. Soup and sandwich lunches are provided every day for you while you sit (bring a thermos). While you hunt Mike and the guides scout other areas to see where the bucks are most active so they can place you in the best stand each day. A radio is supplied and you will have check in times with your guide. You are picked up right from your stand by your guide in the evening. When you harvest a buck/wolf the guides will collect the deer/wolf and remove it from the area whole. This reduces the amount of scent left in the area to attract predators. The deer/wolf is taken to a general cleaning area and then hung up for skinning. the head, hide, and meat are frozen for transport home at the end of the week. Back at camp a huge, warm, and hearty dinner will be waiting for you. Stories are shared before everyone goes to bed early to reenergize for the next morning.

Saturday: You pack up your things and drive back out to the staging area. From there everyone goes back to our shop to box up their meat and heads. If you drove up, you start your drive home that afternoon. If you flew in, one of the guides will drive you back to your hotel in Winnipeg so you can catch your flight home Sunday. 

Sunday Departure: Fly home.

Whitetail Deer Hunt Package


  • Year 2024 $4410.00 USD per guest for either the Spring or Fall Hunt.
  • Year 2025 $4630.50 USD per guest for either the Spring or Fall Hunt.
  • Year 2026 $4862.02 USD per guest for either the Spring or Fall Hunt.

Price Includes:

  • Tags/Licenses
    • Issued to you upon arrival (signed)
  • Accommodations for a week
  • 3 meals a day plus snacks
  • Guiding services
  • Tree stand or ground blind preparation a minimum or 2 weeks before you arrive.
  • Transportation of all forms
    • Including Winnipeg airport pick up and drop off.
  • Taxes are included
  • And more
  • Price does not include gratuities to the guides if you wish.

Deer Hunt Season Dates


 Year 2024
Year 2025
Year 2026
Week 1 Archery/Muzzle Oct 27th to
Nov 3rd
No hunting No hunting
Week 2 Archery/Muzzle Nov 3rd to
Nov 10th
Nov 2nd to
Nov 8th
Nov 2nd to
Nov 8th
Week 3 General Nov 10th to
Nov 16th
Nov 10th to
Nov 15th
Nov 8th to
Nov 14th

Our Whitetail guests will be staying in a remote camp and will require a sleeping bag.

Book now in a unique part of Canada; The Precambrian Shield, where prairie meets granite outcrops, forming beautiful gullies, high rock ridges and pristine lakes and rives of the Whiteshell area.

If you are flying in please arrive on Saturday and take a hotel room in Winnipeg, your guide will pick you up early Sunday Morning and bring you to camp.
If you are driving in you should arrive in Rennie between 9-10 am and then you will be taken out to Camp.

The year is shaping up to be a good one, as we have a very strong deer population!

This is the total price, there is no extra cost upon arrival or harvest or anything else!
We DO NOT believe in hidden costs!

Deer Hunt Booking

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